Grass Is A Pain In The Ass

I've decided that mowing the grass is a pain in my ass. I don't remember last year being this high-maintenance. I've mowed the lawn every week this Spring and that sucks.

Spencer says we should just salt the lawn. Kill everything. There's a house in my neighborhood that has their entire yard filled with decorative pebbles. Sure, a few sprouts of pesky weeds can be seen poking up amongst the stones, but overall it has a nice minimalistic look that someone like me can appreciate. I hate mowing the lawn.

So today I've got to get out there are coax the weed-whacker to start so I can trim all the growth and then I'll mow the lawn. It's 10:30 in the morning so my plan is to devote 2 hours to this task with the reward of a long, hot shower.Maybe then I can come back to the computer and do some real work.

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  1. Gene and I agree with you. Every week we are out somewhere in the yard mowing and trimming. We never have it all done at the same time.Gene has wanted to use
    his Dads' suggestion which was to pave over the entire area and paint it green. Note this is a suggestion as Mom has not let Dad do this with their yard.