Serenade At Midnight

I have this nice little cd/clock radio on my nightstand which allows me to play a nature cd that pipes the sound of rain all night long. It's relaxing and helps me get to sleep each night. I think I've played the cd so many times that it's finally burnt out. I've had this cd forever.So last night the cd wouldn't play so I had to try to fall asleep au naturel. But guess what? In all the silence, I started to hear twittering and whistling. It was so erie. I thought it might have been a bat just flying around doing its nightly air swoops, but actually it was a bird.

The really funny thing about lying so still in bed listening to the bird singing was that it felt like dawn instead of nearly 1am. I settled into the blankets and concentrated on the sound. Didn't the bird find it weird that no other birds were answering it's call? He must have been real lonely out there. Hello? Hello? Where is everyone?Eventually I fell asleep thanks to my little misguided friend. I'm curious to know if there will be song tonight when I go to bed. But this is a perfect example of me taking pleasure in the details and that's what I love about life.

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