Company Ice

I was at the new Price Chopper last night on East Mountain Street in Worcester. I had bought a big ole bag of bing cherries and when I looked over at the lady bagging my groceries, I noticed she had this plastic bag sticking out of her shirt. She was saying rather loudly to the cashier how hot it was and that this bag made her feel "...soooo cool." I felt my fists clenching at my sides and I was just about ready to call the manager over when I realized it wasn't my precious bag of bing cherries she had stuffed down her shirt to keep cool, but rather a bag of ice from the ice freezer in the front of the store.

What happened to the days of cashiering when it was inappropriate to chew gum while waiting on customers? Apparently now it's acceptable (and dare I say fun!) to put things you can buy in a grocery store down your shirt for your own personal cooling system.

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