Scratch Tickets

My mother has discovered the joys of scratch tickets. This isn't good news at all. Especially for someone who suffers from manic depression.

A niece who visits a beloved aunt (known my my mother at "the munchkin" because she's so small, dainty and cute!) at the nursing home occasionally buys the tickets and recently my mom struck gold with her ticket. Well, gold in the sense that she won twenty bucks. But for someone who is limited by the government to only getting $60/month, twenty is really like $100 to her.

So now my mom is driving me insane with the scratch tickets. I took her out last night to get her hair done and she had another winning scratch ticket in her possession. This time, it was only a $2 winner, but she's thinking big and has high hopes. If she gets two more tickets, maybe she'll win more. At least four times during our trip out to Leicester, she saw gas stations and wanted me to stop to redeem the ticket. I'm like a mother with a 4-year old who keeps wanting candy. She just won't stop until she gets what she wants. And I'm telling you my mother will wear a person down. She should bea criminal interrogator because she will find out the truth. Mulder could learn a thing or two from her.She perseveres, she's dogged, she won't give up until she gets what she wants.

I finally broke down when she exclaimed, "Oh! I bet I can cash the ticket in at C.V.S." This was when my outburst happened. "Mom! Would you stop driving me nuts about your stupid scratch tickets. I don't care!! C.V.S. doesn't sell scratch tickets. I'm not going to a gas station to cash in your ticket. You'll just have to wait." This leaves me sounding like an awful daughter who can't spare five minutes to make her mother happy, but if you only knew the demands I have to undertake with my mother...the relentless requests for stupid things she has to have, the search for just the right bra that only is sold at Sears and they never seem to have her size....she drives me crazy. Saying "No" to the scratch ticket redemption is just my small way of drawing a line in the sand between me and my mom's endless requests.

In the end, my mom did get two more scratch tickets. It just so happened that there was a little convenience store next to the C.V.S. called J & J News that sold lottery tickets. I ended up cashing in her stupid ticket and getting her two more 'Aces High'. When I came outside to hand it to her, she was so damn happy. But as I started walking towards the entrance of C.V.S., I heard her say, "Oh, Shit." I turned around and there were her two scratch tickets blowing across the parking lot. She had dropped them while trying to put them in her back pocket.

You know it all worked out in the end. I ran after them and caught them before they blew out into traffic. Just for today, I am a good daughter.

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  1. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I'm addicted to scratch tickets too! I never want to be in a nursing home where I can't get to the little suckers! I'm glad I never had kids that I'll drive crazy someday! You're a great just gotta lose your mind sometimes.--Marty