Lesson Learned

Nature really can teach us great lessons to live by. I was walking around to the driver's side of my car yesterday morning when I noticed my little rubber yellow bee antenna topper had some strange whisker-like thing sticking onto its face. It looked weird and caught my attention. What the hell?

There was a big green grasshopper attached to the face of the bee. I thought it was pretty odd that it chose my antenna topper as its resting place, but I didn't think too much more about it.

I drove to work which is about 30 miles away in Framingham going my usual 70mph on the highway. As I walking away from the car, I noticed the damned cricket was still perched there on my antenna topper. How did it do that? How come it didn't blow off in the wind? I was amazed! So I grabbed my digital camera and snapped a few pictures for posterity. (I must have looked a little odd to people pulling into spaces next to me considering all they could see was a woman taking digital pics of her car's radio antenna.)

So I walked away with this philosophic thought-we should try to be like my little green friend. Hang on for dear life and don't let the wind blow us off course.

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  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Hey! I hear ya, sister! I needed this advice today! Thanks for the bloggin'! You rock! --Marty

  2. Those seem live words to live by..Everyone should hold on tight to this rollercoaster called life. Great post..