My Experience at the Polls

I voted last night after work and there was a tremendous amount of people at the polls. I stood in line for about 15 minutes as I was fortunate to leave work early because I had my Powerpoint class at 6:30. But upon exiting the polls I noticed there was a line of people snaking outside the school so I arrived at just the right time.

A lady struck up a conversation with me while standing in line and was appalled that I was voting Libertarian. So I jokingly replied that Archie Bunker would call me a 'meathead', but she didn't get the joke. May I ask once again why people don't get me? Then again, I really didn't stop and think: What Would Debbie Do? If only I could get that through my thick socially-challenged head, I would do much better interacting within the public.

Later on in the eveing, I was in my Powerpoint class and my teacher begain our class by asking if anyone had already voted and did we notice who the first candidate was listed on the ballot? (Mind you, he had quite the smirk on his face which I didn't appreciate.) So to irritate him, I raised my hand and said, "Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik" I think I totally floored him and the other 5 people in the class because (a) I knew the answer and (b) I could pronounce his name correctly.

Even though I'm disappointed that I didn't get a personalized telephone call from P. Diddy asking me to Vote or Die, I am pleased that I saw such an amazing turn out-especially the youngsters.

Now that the Presidential election is over, I've unsubscribed myself to the 'Rock the Vote' mailing list and plan on redirecting my attention to the pending release of 'Bridget Jones-Beyond the Edge of Reason.' It's good to have my focus back on what's really important to me - the guilty pleasure of watching Colin Firth's brooding, sexy face. I've seen enough of both candidates these past few months and I deserve a treat, don't I?

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