Long Live Ant Music

My friend Michelle and I went to see Duran Duran on April 1st. Just before the concert began, we noticed they were playing an Adam Ant song over the loudspeakers. We both kind of looked at each other and had one of those recognizable "Ah Ha" moments. I had totally forgotten all about Adam Ant and I really, really loved him back in the 80's. I remember buying his Strip album from one of those record clubs and thinking how he was all sexy looking lying in a pile of hay with some wheat sticking out of his mouth.

Spencer was able to snag The Essential Adam Ant cd from our local library and let me tell you...it rocks! I listened to it at work about five times in a row and just couldn't get enough of it. I don't know much about Adam Ant. I do recall recently hearing he had a nervous breakdown, but after having newly rediscovered him...I've got to Google him to find out his story.

Any man who can sing these lyrics from the song "Prince Charming" is a master in my book:

Don't you ever...
Don't you ever...
Stop being dandy...
Showing me your handsome.
Here's just a snippet of the liner notes from the cd: He was the King of the Wild Frontier, the first truly videogenic star of MTV era. He was Prince Charming, the swashbuckling dandy who heralded a Second British Invasion of the American Pop Charts. He was Adam Ant, and he helped alter the rules of pop.
I don't recall Adam Ant being a mainstay on MTV over the likes of say a Billy Idol or Cyndi Lauper, but what I do remember about him is all that warpaint he wore, the tribal drums and his wicked cool costumes he wore in his videos.
I'm quite pleased with myself for reaching back to 1981. Now I'm off to find out how many Ant fans are still left....

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  1. I actually saw Adam Ant in concert way back in the day! I was totally in love with him and found him to be oh so sexy.
    I almost came home with an article of his clothing that he took off and threw into the audience while he was singing, "Strip" of course.Had it not been for a wench on a guys shoulders right in front of me, this treaured item would've been mine! I considered following her out to the parking lot to snatch it from her, but my companions wouldn't let me. Damn them!!!