Out-of-Office Nightmare

Working in an office requires you to leave an out-of-office reply to anyone sending you emails while you're away. It's a common courtesy to let them know when you'll be returning. For the most part, people keep their messages pretty ordinary. Except for this guy that I work with who decided to be cute in his message. Bear in mind this man is well over 40 years old and certainly should know better than doing this.

This was his out-of-office message in Outlook:

From: John Doe
Sent: Monday, June 20, 2005 8:22 AM
To: Jane Doe
Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: Tech Team Monday 6/20/05 & Tuesday 6/21

I will be out of the office on Monday June 20th, making the annual pilgrimage to pay homage to the patron diety of Hedonism, Jimmy Buffett. Depending on the hang-over....I might be out Tuesday too.

If this is an important product sourcing issue please contact the product sourcing help desk.
If you are mailing about an outstanding PID request please contact John Doe II at ext XXX. Outstanding E-Form, John Doe at XXXXX

"Wastin' away again in Margaritaville....."

John Doe

Can you imagine getting that out-of-office? If people can start quoting Jimmy Buffett lyrics in their messages, here's what mine is going to say:

I will be out of the office on July 4th soaking up sun and cheeseburgers to celebrate this great country of ours. Depending on if I over-indulge on sour Skittles and midori sours watching Live8...I may be in the office on Tuesday.

Holla Back, Kim

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  1. when i got this out of office reply i was upset about the hangover part, not realzing that the hedonism part was a little more rique. i heard the out of office for the family vacation to Disney had depicted some crude Mickey and Minnie Mouse references.