Trouble with the Sweet Stuff

I was having a pretty rotten day yesterday at work. As I was standing outside the cube of one of my co-workers, I noticed this framed print up against the wall outside one of the manager's offices. I've seen the print there before, but never really gave it much consideration. But for whatever reason, I happened to give it more than a passing glance this time and much to my astonishment, I discovered the print was actually of a collage of candy wrappers!

I love candy. I love learning about the history of candy, following candy trends and most importantly--eating candy. Thank God I am not diabetic...yet. So to find a picture of a collage of candy wrappers is a big deal to me.

Turns out it must have been hanging in the former supply manager's office and when he moved to another part of the building he chose not to take it with him. People do stuff like that all the time. They put out samples of office products or cast-off goodies on these communal department banquet tables and pretty much everyone around the area dives into the offerings like buzzards on road-kill and all the free stuff is gone in like five minutes.

This poor little print apparently had been sitting there collecting dust for months and Heather told me to just take it. "Are you sure?" I asked tentatively while secretly hoping it was MINE, MINE, MINE!

So I took it. I casually walked back to my own cube and examined it a bit closer. There was a little story about the print taped to the back of the frame basically explaining that this pop artist named Michael Albert created the collage from candy wrappers he collected in 2002 from various corner stores, supermarkets, video stores and pharmacies. But cooler than that is that all the wrappers are arranged alphabetically from A to Z in the collage. Can you imagine?

I managed to get the print into my car without corporate security grabbing me and now this amazing print is hanging in my kitchen. It's now one of my prized possessions-like if my house caught on fire this is one of the things I would save from the ashes. It's just that cool.

I did lots of research online to see if I could find out more about the artist. I had to dig a little bit, but it was worth it. He is an amazing talent and I've decided that I have officially adopted him as my favorite ARTIST of cubist pop-art. I emailed him asking if I could buy a print of his Cap'n Crunch artwork last night and he actually wrote back the next day. He wonders how I've heard about him? I'm afraid to email back because I'm in a gushing mode right now and really need to calm myself down.

It just goes to prove that you can be having an awfully bad day at work and still something good can come out of it. My friend Ginny listened to my long-winded explanation how I scored such an amazing print and she said what happened to me reminded her about a great quote from the movie Rat Race (2001) spoken by the character of Nick Schaffer:

My grandfather used to say that good things take time, but great things happen all at once.

He's got that right!

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  1. Hey Kim... You couldn't have snagged a better picture! :-)