Employee Discounts Part 2

No sooner did I bitch and complain about big car companies sharing their employee discounts with the whole freakin' world...now MY own company has done the same. No more secrets from you going forward. Staples is offering for a limited time only my 12% discount.

So I checked my Outlook address book and did my duty by sharing the news with all of my friends and family. What the hell? It's not like I'm going to be using it by this Saturday.

I've really got to wonder why all these big companies are spreading the employee discounts so thick like crunchy peanut butter on Wonder bread? Maybe sales are down and they need this influx of sales from dedicated employees who might have disposable income to spare?

I think I've done my part to help out the sales of Apple and Buy.com. I just bought a 60GB Photo iPod at a phat price and I didn't need to know anybody to get a good deal. I simply googled a Buy.com coupon and a few websites offering MP3 player reviews and voila! Instant gratification. I got free shipping and $20 off my purchase. Really the only thing I had to pay for was the Massachusetts 5% sales tax.

Damn you, Mitt Romney.

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