Can You Hear Me Now?

This is Karen's latest entry for a Halloween costume. I must say it's pretty clever and took alot of work to put together. One of her friends did alot of the sewing, but it was Karen who bought the materials including glow sticks, velcro, material, plastic and a Build-A-Bear recordable voice box to wire herself for sound. Sometimes coming up with a good costume idea is the hardest part.

She told me yesterday that she won 3rd prize in a Halloween costume contest that took place in Weymouth. Of course, the prize was a $25 gift certificate to a restaurant out in Weymouth which will probably cost her more in gas to get there again...but she did win something.

I admire Karen for always chasing the golden carrot. This year marks the first year that her inventiveness paid off and I wish her the best of luck tonight in her final Cactus Pete's costume contest taking place on Park Ave in Worcester.

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  1. Even if I do say so myself, that costume was her best one yet. Do you think she might take me to Weymouth for a hot dog?