Can't Get Enough Of...

I go through these periods where I'll discover something and I become obsessed about it. I have to learn all that there is to know about it. If it's an actor, I've got watch every single movie they've ever been in. Example: my infamous Mel Gibson obsession. If it's an object, I start collecting everything related to that object. Example: Rubber Ducks. If it's a taste, I have to try every version of it. Example: French Onion Soup and Black Licorice.

Television shows are also a classic example. My dad watched The X-Files when it premiered and I had no interest whatsoever. Then about half way into the season I actually gave the show a cursory glance while my dad was watching it and then WHAM--Hello David Duchovny and the proposed sexual tension between Mulder and Scully...and the aliens, of course. Can't forget about the aliens. I became obsessed with all things X-Files. I started out slow by taping each show on Friday night and then started surfing the net hoping for spoilers for the next episode. It ruined the surprises sometimes but who cared? I was on a mission to know before everyone else what was going to happen next. I was so desperate in my obsession for this show that I began reading fan fiction just to get anything related to the X-Files.

But the weird thing is how I handle music obsessions. Most of the times I'll know either the artist or the band in some backward sort of way. I might have heard a few of their songs and thought they were average, but then one song will just POP for me and it sets me off. It happened with Gwen Stefani recently. Sure I enjoyed the success of No Doubt, but when I heard her solo CD I just became a huge fan. Jack Johnson is another example. I heard one song in passing, spoke to a guy that I work with who loved him and then it began.

Sometimes the obsession slowly builds. I started watching LOST mid-season last year soley on the recommendation of a cube-mate at work and really got into the show. I knew that I had seen Matthew Fox somewhere on TV before, but couldn't place it. So I did a search online and found out he was one of the stars of Party of Five. Yup. You guessed it. I had to rent the first season of Party of Five to see Matthew Fox play Charlie.

It's a happy sickness these obsessions.

So what's my lastest obsession? What is it that I can't get enough of right now? OK, I'll tell you.

The White Stripes. Spencer borrowed their latest CD from the library called "Get Behind Me Satan" and so it began. I gave a listen to it once and it sounded ok. I downloaded the CD onto my iPod figuring that I would listen to it when I had more time. Eventually I got around to it and then it happened. I touched upon one of their songs, Little Ghost and I was hooked. I began to listen to the CD over and over and over again. Then I remembered that I had copied their last CD Elephant so I pulled that one out and threw it in the car to really give it a good listen to. Once again, pure excellence.

Why The White Stripes? I love Jack White's voice and I love the fact that all their music is simply and purely vocals, drum and guitar. I listen to their songs and cannot believe they can make such amazing music with so little instruments. Jack White's voice reminds me of early Robert Plant from Led Zepplin and Meg White's attempts to sing are just hilarious. But she belts it out with such gusto and how can you not love someone who doesn't care how she sounds?

I started researching the band a little bit. Their last two CD's were recorded in the span of two weeks. Then there is the whole controversy about how Jack and Meg claim they are brother and sister, but really they're ex husband and wife (married 1996 and divorced in 2000). It's like an in-joke that nobody really cares about. I love it. And recently Jack White got married to some model in the Amazon with Meg White serving as bride's maid. How funny.

Their videos are really cool, too. Brilliant to serve up a video created with Leggo's and they're latest video My Doorbell shows them playing to a whole bunch of children in a vaudeville-type stage.

I just love everything about The White Stripes. They are my latest obsession and I love that they POPPED for me.

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