Fred is Dead

Mom called me at work this past Monday to ask if I remembered who did the song called "Freddie's Dead." Of course I immediately knew what song she was referring to because it was from the SuperFly soundtrack back in the 70's. She and my dad were big fans of the movie back in their day.

I happily told her that I had the CD and she asked if I could bring it up to her because she wanted to have someone at the nursing home listen to this particular song. I shouldn't have asked her why.

Turns out one of the residents has this goldfish named Fred and well...Fred Is Dead.

Mom thought it would be real funny to have this lady listen to the song from the Superfly movie soundtrack. Never mind that this song is about a drug user named Fred and in no way related to a goldfish or this person's grief over the loss of her pet. In the mind of my mother, it's just a funny coincidence that she knows a song called Fred Is Dead and also knows someone
who had a fish named Fred.

I can't find the CD. I've looked through my collection and know it's there somewhere, but I can't lay my hands on it. I hate it when that happens. My Mom has this infuriating skill of remembering things from a long time ago with stunning clarity, but her illness doesn't allow for her to recall if she asked me to bring up a bag of potato chips or a box of Equal on Tuesday

Finding the Superfly soundtrack is just another task added to the list of things that my mother needs or wants, but sometimes it's how she comes up with the need that's pretty funny. Dead goldfish = dead druggie song from the 70's. Go figure.

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  1. I ordered the Superfly soundtrack cd from the library. Get your funk on!