No Waiting

Jiffy Lube must be hurting for business because I saw a man standing on the outside of Jiffy Lube, on the corner of Rte 9 holding a big sign with bold red letters saying "NO WAITING". I was going by a little too quickly to look at this human billboard closely, but I would imagine him having the same blank dead stare as the homeless woman I see every day holding a similar sign begging for money.

Imagine having a job like that. Imagine having to fill out a job application at Jiffy Lube so payroll taxes can be deducted from your meager minimum wage paycheck. You'd probably like to think this was just an oil lube technician caught hanging around the oil-changing pit not doing much and his boss decided to make him useful. But that's probably not the case.

What was more likely the case is this man applied for a job sweeping up the floors at Jiffy Lube and he just didn't have what it took to get an entry level job so they decided to give him a trial period standing outside their business hawking a 'No Waiting' sign as commuters on their way to work sped by gripping cups of Dunkin Donuts coffee or talking incessantly on their cell phones about things that don't matter.

As I start a new job with a new company, it's moments like these that make me really appreciate just how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to do a responsible job and be of value to a corporation. Sitting in a cube is just so much nicer than standing on the corner holding a sign.

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