Staple Remover

Today was my last day working for Staples. As I was walking down the stairway from the third floor, I thought it was appropriate that I was following a little boy dressed in a fireman's outfit down to the first floor.

We had our annual Halloween party today at the office and I was happy to disappear off into the sunset hidden amongst all the families of Staples employees with their children for trick or treats. Our cafeteria was abuzz with over 500 registered children running around like crazy little people going from activity to activity hyped up large doses of sugar.

It was a good last day. I walked into my cube to a beautiful FTD basket of Autumn flowers and a lovely warm-hearted Good-Luck card from the woman who had been my manager twice in my career at Staples. As I move on to my new job at Bose Corporation, I'll always remember that she hired me and was consistently my biggest fan no matter where I landed in the company. Thank you Bonnie!

I formed so many great friendships over the years. My good friend Ginny saw me off over coffee with two great gifts. A non-descript Staple Remover (pun intended) and the much sought after Stooples book along with the understood hope that she would be next to walk out the door. Hang in there Ginny. You'll be next, but you've got to get that resume updated!

I went out to McDonald's with Rich for the last time, but we promised to meet up for future trips to fast food nations since I'll only be working across Route 9. I'll miss my work husband.

My friends Cheryl and Dan came down for a visit to wish me luck and I playfully made sure I was still invited to their wedding. After all, I knew both of them back when he was crushing on her even though he thought she had 'googly eyes'. I also am proud to know that I discovered their secret dating when she tried to hide their flirtatious emails between one another from everyone in the office, but inadvertently revealed their secret when I saw just how big her Sent folder was in Outlook.

It wasn't too difficult having today be my last day. Aside from being overwhelmed with well-wishes and knowing that in a few days it will truly hit me that I'll miss many of the people I've worked with over the years...I know that they are only an email away. I'm good at keeping in touch with people and I won't let them slip past me as I move on to another company.

I thought I would be emotional when I gave my manager Laura my security badge, but really the only thing I was thinking was that I was happy to be rid of a terrible ID picture that's haunted me for five years. I hope for my next security badge that Bose lets me do-over my photo if it doesn't come out good. But it will feel weird to be without a security badge for a while.

It is bittersweet when you decide to leave a job-especially one that you've been doing for a long time. 5 years at Staples must translate into dog years somehow because it feels like I worked there longer just reflecting back over all the experiences I've had, the many things I've learned and the friendships I've made there. I've always been proud to say that I worked at Staples. I love office supplies and I got to work for the best company that sold them.

That was Easy!

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  1. Kim - We all miss you so much, i actually treked down to your old cube the other day sad to not see your napolean dymnaite paraphonelia. I am already feeling seperation anxiety for my work wife. Not to worry I wont even try to replace you :-)

  2. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Hello Kim
    I just found out you have moved on and left Staples. My friend Nancy Grogan mentioned to me today - Hey you know that girl from NSP with short hair she left Staples I kept forgetting to tell you. I was out on a vacation day 10/28 otherwise I guess then I would have known from either Rich or Deb. Wow best of luck to you. Bose huh that's really good. Not too far away. Did you know someone there to get the job? I am thinking it must be hard to get into Bose similar to Staples "gotta know someone or have a masters degree from Harvard" That's exciting for you. Me stil the same wasting my time in NSP. I am too smart for the job but maybe 2006 will be my year to get promoted and be more challenged. Don't get me wrong NSP has the best for me but I am bored. Do you know I can pretty much do my little job from 10-5:30PM LOOSER I AM. Rich mentiioned that maybe there would a job coming similar to what Deb is doing for Chris Corenti's group with vendor relations. Man I would that type of job follow thru and making sure vendors are set up I think I would be good at but who knows. Rich said Staples GPS would be looking for a manager but management for me I don't know people don't really like me and I don't really like people I am a "doer" ya know complete my work every day at 110% and more but managing people I don't know .... I found that out with the "Easton Stamp" group how they didn't like me so why would another group be different. Negitive negitive I sound but realist too. Rich is very lucky he lucked out working with our group we are professional and work together as team no issues there not like Supplies who hate their boss Moe. My ultimate goal would not to work by age 40 when Patrick enters into Kindergarten but I as you know I have a husband that works "seasonal" so it all falls onto me. My Patrick is 15 months old today Kim he is such a cutie I am so very lucky to have him. He's so smart doesn't miss a thing. Talking talking so many words and is such a happy baby. Baby I should say Toddler. Patrick moves up on 11/28 to Toddler 3 at the Daycare (yah my Daycare will go down a big $100 less yee haw) Anyways... I am glad I met you and wish things didn't have to change but I remember that we had some good times in NSP and I know that you enjoyed NSP. NSP is like high school and I do need to move onto College not back to Retail though.
    Take care and I will miss you.
    I think my coworker Alison could become Rich's new work wife now just kidding. I too love Napolean movie Garry thougt it was stupid. My niece and nephew and I always joke about the movie. And now don't forget Beavis and Butt Head is on Comedy Central at 7:00pm.

    Val Erikson Ryan [email protected]

  3. Hey Kim2... sounds like your last day was a good one after all. I am looking forward to hearing about your new job when you are settled in! :-)