This Is Not A Drill

Yesterday I had a bit of excitement at work. I nearly got blown up.

I was sitting at my computer working on some number-related activities and the fire alarm on our floor went off. The pre-programmed voice alerted us to a potential emergency saying that should our floor be affected (a.k.a. You're All Gonna Die), we would hear a special sound after the announcement. No sound came so I put my headphone back on and continued to groove on.

The fire alarm sounded again. It's a really loud, annoying sound. This time I removed the headphones, unplugged my iPod and retrieved my purse from the desk so that I would be ready for evacuation because surely it would come this time.


I also thought that the building couldn't be on fire because my computer was still working. The servers must be located somewhere in this building and if Windows 98 was still cranking then everything was fine. There was no need to panic.

Except the silly alarm just kept blazing. One of the product managers in my area actually called out from his office: "This is really getting annoying because it's screwing up my sports-radio." If you knew the fury around me with the guys and the stupid Red'd really appreciate just how funny it was.

About ten minutes go by and I was back working with the headphones on. All of a sudden this man started running down our aisle shouting at everyone to "GET OUT! GET OUT! "

I grabbed my purse and headed for the exit. In the excitement, I was watching him methodically run in and out of each and every office shouting at everyone to exit. It was pretty funny that some people were actually questioning why we had to leave since our floor's special alarm didn't go off.

The poor security guard actually began multi-tasking by both yelling at people to leave and answering the stupid question. Apparently our floor's fire alarm wasn't working so that's why he had the unlucky task of getting everyone out of the building. This man was sweating.

We all safely gathered outside along with the rest of the building that had already been evacuated about 20 minutes prior. Thankfully it was an Indian-Summer day and not raining. There were a few news helicopters circling above, but otherwise nothing was going on. No fire engines or sirens blazing.

Eventually we were let back into the building. About two hours later we received an internal announcement that a construction worker had hit a gas line down the street and that's why we were evacuated.

This isn't really that exciting of an entry, but I did like the opening like about me nearly being blown up.

After all, it could have happened.

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