He's MY Weatherman for LIFE!

At some point in December, Channel 7 (WHDH) decided to get rid of the amazing Todd Gross. He was their chief meteorolgist after old Harvey Leonard moved onto to greener pastures with Dickie Albert. I'm not sure why Todd was asked to leave, but regardless it was a huge mistake in my opinion.

The thing that I love about Todd (and I can call him that because I have an autographed picture of the man) is how he always was working astronomy into his forecasts. It wasn't enough for him to report on the next full moon--he encouraged his viewers to reach for the stars. He made it exciting to want to see a planet on a clear night rather than just looking up into the sky. (Did you know he was the guy who coined the phrase 'The Perfect Storm'? Yes, the very same Perfect Storm that inspired the Mark Wahlberg movie. OK-it was more George Clooney, but everyone who knows me knows I love my Marky Mark)

But here's the great news! He's back on his own terms with an evolving weather website for all of us living in New England. I implore you to tell your friends, family and co-workers about ToddGross.com.

If you're hard up like me and really want to support the guy, you can even join the Todd Gross Support Group hosted on Yahoo. I'm already a member! Not a big surprise there...

I've also subscribed to his RSS Feed so his daily forecasts will be posted on My Yahoo. Screw that annoying little chirpy Weatherbug application that will only clog up your computer. Say good-bye to any other weather websites out there. I don't know where the man is getting his weather models to do the forecasts, but he's doing it and I'm supporting his endeavors.

Might I also suggest you provide some viewer feedback via email to WHDH telling them what a HUGE mistake they made in letting him go? If enough crazies like me and you send emails, maybe we can get him back on the air. (Remember-The Family Guy came back)

You can also email Todd. Just remember that he might not be able to answer your email as it appears he's getting inundated with support which is fantastic news. Plus he's still involved in lots of technical weather discussions with people that are really, really into meteorology.

Just knowing that Todd's got my back is already making this a great 2006.

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  1. Leo Laporte would approve! I subscribed to his RSS feed, although as I write this he has the link for his feed associated with the hypertext for subscribing to his podcast. He's not on iTunes yet, but when he is I'm firing up his podcast. Give me that weather, man! :)

  2. On the cool side of things, you can listen to Todd's podcast mp3 right in the reader with Google Reader...