Supply Planner's FAVORITE TV Commercial

I am a Supply Planner at Bose in Framingham. Most of my friends have no idea what I do and when I attempt to tell them in my own words that I "...translate the Sales and Operations Production Plan into a time phased supply plan while executing schedules in a manner that factors capacity constraints with working capital goals while lowering the product cost through efficient production so that product is available, on time, to meet Customer needs, fabrication needs, or internal needs..." they get all glassy-eyed and translate my job into this: Kim works for that company that makes that expensive Wave radio advertised alot in Parade magazine.

So this is why I LOVE the Nextel commercial shown here. In a nutshell, this is my job minus all the spreadsheets and analytical process. I make sure the products are available for the customers. Everytime this commercial comes on, I have to rewind it on the DVR and watch it at least two times. It is brilliant.

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  1. This is also my favorite commerical by far!

  2. I agree. This commercial just rocks.