2006 Toy Fair

I keep a list of things-just like Earl-that need to be done to make my life better.

This list is mostly things to do and places to go within the year--but there has been one thing that has been nagging me year after year since the inception of this list: Attending The Toy Fair in New York City.

But the beauty of the internet is I can live vicariously t
hrough others who actually get up off their asses and do things that are important to them--such as going to New York City on February 14th to see all the cool new toys coming out soon.

There's a great link in this post to PC Magazine's slideshow of some of the coolest and most interesting toys featured in this years show. I reviewed each slide with delight and excitement while harboring the familiar feelings of guilt that perhaps next year I'll figure out how to make it there.

Regardless--my two favorite entries this year are Hasbro's Butterscotch Pony and the Sakar Sound Pal:

Butterscotch Hasbro's life-size My Furreal Friends Pony.
Butterscotch is a marvelous robotic toy. She responds to touch, noise, and light, and she moves in an amazingly realistic way. Coming in the fall for $299. Hmmm--I like the fuzzy carrot and the golden mane...but she reminds me of how far we've come since The Sharper Image "Alive" Chimpanzee. (see prior post)

Sakar Sound Pal. Sakar International showed a dizzying array of kid versions of grownup tech toys. It also had Sound Pals, plush backpack-style carrying cases for iPods with built-in speakers.

I think you actually have to be in the Toy business to actually get a ticket since the whole point of the show is to bring together toy vendors to showcase their new products and score some BIG purchase orders for the Christmas season.

I'll figure something out. And maybe this time next year you'll be able to read my first-hand account rather than hearing me whine about not going.

The list continues...

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