Shave Everywhere

A friend from work forwarded this website to me and at least a half hour was wasted laughing hysterically while watching the videos about this new ground-breaking personal grooming system. We thought this couldn't possibly be a real website. It had to be a spoof. But it isn't a spoof and you can actually get to the website from Phillps/Norelco by doing some careful digging into their site.

No worries-here's how to do it: Click Here and then click on the Philips Norelco BodyGroom product that is located to the right of the website. The actor they have portraying the suave sophisticated male is priceless.

I highly recommend you look at all the videos - especially The Music Video!! Here is a sampling of the lyrics:

I was a lonely hairy man / my life was second rate / and on a scale from 1 to 10 my naked body was a 4.8/ it's so hard to be a Don Juan when you got a chinchilla wrapped around your *bleep* / I tried scissors / I tried waxing / but that pain is in the past now I'm just relaxing / with the phillips body groom the convenient simple and gentle way / to make your genitals bloom/ now I've got one more optical inch upon my *bleep* research has shown I have the best set of *bleep* on the block....

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