Leisure Suite Larry

There's this great website called Go Fug Yourself that I regularly visit on my newsfeeds. It's a website depicting sharp commentary on celebrity fashion. It's an addictive website because as an ordinary person, you simply cannot look away.

Mostly looking at the snapshots of these helpless, fashion clueless filthy rich celebrities just fosters my day dreaming. I think about needing a life makeover in a weekend. It's too easy to pass the time thinking about what I could transform myself into if I had half their loot. And the interest to do it.

Most days I'm lucky to remember put a dollop of mousse in my hair before heading out the door. And who am I kidding? I don't care about the hair product, I just like making pert little chemical foam puddles in my palm and then washing it off because it makes me feel clean again.

So today's posting started off by saying the following about my boy Robert Downey, Jr:

It would seem that Robert Downey Jr. has discovered a new passion in life: being a walking representation of the haplessly skeevy, hopelessly cheesy video-game character Leisure Suit Larry.

Seriously. Check out the suit and don't tell me you didn't laugh when you got the connection.

I highly recommend you make this website part of your guilty online pleasure surfing.

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  1. I loved leisure suit larry games. I never finished one. i wish I had...