Up to 4oz of Pleasure courtesy of TSA

My pal Jillian is planning an extended weekend trip to England in October. She is plagued with horrifying dietary restrictions as she must exist on a gluten-free diet. England is far more advanced with labeling and product availability so when she takes her annual trips to England, she's usually coming back toting 5 suitcases stuffed with food. Some people bring back perfumes, Jillian brings back flour.

But with the recent restrictions on what you can bring onto airplanes these days, she doesn't hold out much hope on being able to stock her kitchen cabinets on her next trip. Which leads me to what she recently discovered while surfing around the TSA website to get specifics about their restrictions.

Under "Important Information for Our Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions" the following is stated: Essential non-prescription liquid and gel medications up to 4 oz per container (including saline solution, eye care products, and KY jelly)

I assume the KY Jelly would be for person(s) with hidden disabilities.....Or...for those amorous individuals who like to play mile-high club in the restroom?

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