Out With The Old, In With The New

I had my hair done yesterday at Tu Moda Spa. My stylist Ruth has helped me over the ledge many times in the past few months as I try to grow my hair into a sassy bob. Fortunately, my hair grows fast and furious and I was never really ready to jump. I've just experienced the typical frustration of having bangs hanging in my face while I'm trying to type or that strange flip-thing that the left side of my hair does which makes me look like I was trying to style my hair in a cool way and it just went horribly wrong.

As I sat down in her chair yesterday, she asked me what was bugging me today. (Can there be such a thing as a styling-therapist?) Was it the bangs? Was it the flip? Without hesitation I told her it was that heavy look my hair gets around 9am when I see it in the bathroom mirror for the first time at work. Maybe I'm using too much product? She began to probe a little deeper asking me what I'm using when I style my hair. Perhaps I'm using too much product or not the right one. Exactamundo! Not the right one.

I ask her the question hair stylists love hearing the most aside from "Just cut it all off!" : Can you recommend something?

Unlike most encounters with stylists, she casually motioned to 2 bottles sitting on her glass counter and said, "You can use these." She proceeded to work miracles with the sassy bob and showed me how to use both the liquid gel and firm-hold hair spray that I would later purchase from Aveda. She easily sold me on the hair spray by letting me touch her own hair to demonstrate how I could run my fingers through her locks even though she was loaded with the hair spray. It was magical and surreal.

Nestled cozily in a swanky Tu Moda Spa bag was my two new hair care products. I promised myself that this time things would be different. I would consistently use these products and not get frustrated that I couldn't recreate the look and feel of a professionally styled head of hair on my own. I needed to face the facts, it wasn't going to happen.

My mind began to wonder on the drive home. I started thinking about my bathroom closet with all the other hair care products I got suckered into buying in the past for other hopeful hair styles that never came to be:

And then it hit me. Throw them away. Make a fresh start for 2007. Out With The Old, In With The New! Wipe my hair slate clean. Put the new Aveda products in my top drawer along with the hair dryer and brush and be done with it.

So this morning I followed through on my promise to gather up the old relics of hair styles gone by, but unfortunately I found more stuff that I bought over-the-counter at CVS:

  • Rave Create and Control bodifying mousse .13 oz
  • Rave Create and Control bodifying gel spray .14 oz
  • Garnier Fructis Style XXL Volume weightless gel 6.8 oz
  • Aqua Net Professional All-Weather Hair Spray (20% more free!) 8.4 oz

Is there a Salvation Army or GoodWill for hair care products? It seems such a shame to just throw all this perfectly good stuff away. I mean, the Aqua Net is an easy toss. I probably had that sitting in my closet from the mid-80's, but the others are harder to put in the waste basket. I feel so wasteful.

But that's the thing about making New Year's Resolutions. You have to stand by them and remember your reasons for making them in the first place. For me, 2007 is all about simplifying my life. It's the price I have to pay to look beautiful in my new sassy bob.

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  1. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Sell that stuff you don't want on eBay! You would be surprised what people by. I have sold samples of hair care and bath & body products and got good money for them. Or perhaps you could donate the products to your local food pantry? Call and see if they accept toiletry items.

    Glad you have such a good realtionship with your hair stylist. In all seriousness, it is one of the most important relationships a gal can have!