Pimp My Toilet

Everyone who knows me understands my love of bathrooms. There's solitude behind a closed secured door. One might find an opportunity to tighten up stray bra straps in the bathroom at work or readjust undergarments that are sticking into crevices where they don't belong.
So when I saw this Rooter Rooter advertisement in my inbox the other day, I just had to tell you all about it. I know by telling you about this contest that my chances are infinitely reduced in winning the toilet set-up of my dreams. But how can I not tell you about a toilet sweepstakes where you can exercise and pee at the very same time? And just look at that green grass toilet seat cover. Cool, huh?
Notice the bullhorn? There could be countless uses for the bull horn. I could be sitting on the can and shout out commands to any passerby (dare say only one-Spencer?) requesting a glass of water or a fresh copy of People magazine delivered to me.
So if you're a lover of toilets like I am, enter the Roto-Rooter sweepstakes. If you win this sweet setup instead of me, perhaps you'll consider inviting me over for a ride?

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  2. This blog is going down the crapper! ;)

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I want to know that the red button on the floor does!

  4. That's a Staples' Easy Button, isn't it?