Driving LED Emoticon

You knew it was coming. Some technological device that would allow you to share your thoughts and feelings (aka Road Rage) with your fellow highway denizens with the use of 4 AA batteries.

Surf on over to one of my favorite websites-ThinkGeek.com-and spend a mere $29.99 to tell someone in a nerdy way to Back The F*@CK Off. You actually have five official message choices: smiling face, frowning face, "Thanks", "Back Off" and "Idiot".

Right now Massachusetts doesn't ban cell phones in cars, but I'm not sure if a device like this can be used. I suppose there's one way to find out. Just buy this awesome little gadget and shoot an LED Smiling Face at a State Trooper to see his reaction.

If it results in a ticket, let me know. I'm waiting to place my order.

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  1. Remember those fake hands they used to have for you to hang out of your trunk so it looked like you had a body in it? Now, they have one that will also do gestures by remote control! No, not really, but they should... :)