I found a really cool utensil that is kind of like a Spork, but seemingly more refined. It's called a Knork.

I'm one of those annoying people who has to eat Pizza with a knife and a fork because I don't like messy eating. I find it obscene to just stuff a big honking slice of double-cheese into my mouth and have the grease and strings of cheese drip down my chin. Yuck.

Mike Miller feels my pain. He invented the Knork to help me out. Well, not me personally but you get the drift. If you visit his website, there's lots of information about the Knork and how it works.

The Knork is sold at retail establishments, but for any of us living in New England we're out of luck. You'll have to buy yours from the online store. But there's so many choices. He sells them in plastic and steel. You can get fancy packaging or just a Knork in a plastic tube. I'd love to buy these as gifts so it's nice to have the packaging. The Knork is reasonably priced at $5-$6 for one made out of steel, however the shipping is a bit expensive: $6.71 via UPS.

But what the heck. I bought one to try out. And you should, too. It would make a really unique addition to a loved one's Easter basket this year. Or perhaps you could buy one to give with a gift card to Papa Ginos?

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  1. A handy device for the Hannibal Lechter in all of us... :)