Surfing the net in your pajamas on a lazy Saturday afternoon can be very dangerous. I jumped on the computer to check my inbox and Six Degrees of Separation later, I created a Meez.

Yup, that's my online 3-D Avatar. I've got the Bose QC-3 headphones on and clearly you can see how happy I am in the field of sunflowers typing away on my tricked-out notebook wearing the bunny slippers and beige Capri pants. My chosen t-shirt says something about me blogging, but you can't really see the details from this vantage point.

But you've got to try creating a Meez if you have about 30 minutes to waste. It's totally addictive just like creating a Mii on the Nintendo Wii. One of the drawbacks right now with Meez is you can't really customize your facial features to resemble YOU. They didn't have glasses for me to wear and their face shapes left a little to be desired. But the upside is I'm much cuter online, than in person, which isn't so bad.

There are so many more choices when it comes to choosing backgrounds, themes, animations and accessories. You almost saw me in an 80's Roller Disco rink wearing a thong and sporting a sexy black mesh top that I would never dare wear out in public.

In the bucolic setting that I chose, I could have added my Beagle Minnie to the meadow or an overweight Fluffy, but I decided to keep it simple. Flowers and technology at it's best. I wonder where I'm getting the WiFi connection in these Fields of Gold?

The site gives you lots of cool things to do with your Meez. You don't have to settle on just one. You can store up to five unique looks in your albums so there's lots of opportunity to have fun. (Don't worry, I didn't save the thong-wearing Roller Disco Kim) The profile page has all the standard information boxes, but it also includes a little chat box if you're into that scene.

There's just so much to do with your 3D ID once you create it. You can export it as a link to put on My Space or your Blog, you can get an Img Tag to use in Forum posts or a simple URL to link to your Meez. Want to send it to your phone? Easy. Just pony up $1.99 with their partner Zaptophone and you can send it as wallpaper to a cellphone. If you don't want to bother with all those fancy options, you can simply download your Meez as a .GIF file and cut/paste it anywhere you'd like.

I also tried their Add to Email option and was surprised to see a link to yet another one of their partners Gigya. It's a Beta email program that is being marketed to users of My Space. It's no surprise who their demographic is with features such as these options in their 'Fun Tab': Layouts, Graphics, Videos, Words, Smiles, Icons, Glitters, Photos, Tools & Toys and Games.

I'm hooked. I signed up for a free email account and easily imported my Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail contacts with a click of a button. Another interesting feature if you like Widgets is the ability to post any html code from anywhere on the web and make it public so other Gigya users can add it to their emails. I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far.

It's nearly 11:30 am and my Saturday morning is coming to an end. Time to get showered, dressed, walk Minnie and get out into the real world.

I miss my meadow already.

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  1. Sounds cool. I did something similar recently on "Second Life." Have you heard of this? You could definitely have your glasses there and customize your facial features etc. It's pretty cool..
    Tell me if you decide to check it out and maybe we can meet for virtual coffee :)

  2. You've got a second life?! I've got to get myself a first life, first... :)