The Family Stone

I didn't know much about this movie other than Sarah-Jessica Parker was playing an uptight chick presumably from New York who visits her soon-to-be fiance's family in New England to celebrate Christmas. I didn't know that the working title for this movie was called, 'Fucking Hate Her'. Now wouldn't that have been the perfect title for this movie given the movie poster featured here?

Some friends had seen this movie when it came out during Christmas 2005, but I never made the effort because it was really panned. But I must have added it to my Netflix Que during one of my phases of loving a particularly good-looking actor because this movie featured Dermot Mulroney. He always looks yummy in black turtle neck sweaters, doesn't he?

The thing I loved about this movie was how the characters were so real and well-defined. If I recall, the movie previews really ramped up the kookiness of Diane Keaton's matriarch mother and Luke Wilson's portrayal of the stoner brother.

Rent this movie now. It doesn't matter that we're in early Spring and it's months away from Christmas. You'll see characters develop and things happen within the family that you would have never expected--especially the uptight girlfriend. When she's in full crisis mode it's a thing of beauty.

This is one movie that will be added to the list of movies I must watch every Christmas. It made me feel hopeful that families can go one in spite of losses and that finding love in unexpected places is always right around the corner for each and every one of us.

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