Bite-Sized Mold

The LOST season finale was on last night at 9pm. I made plans with my friend Karen to come over to my house so we could watch it together. She showed up around 8:30pm in her post-workout Jazzercise gear and we were hanging out in the kitchen catching up before our favorite TV show began.

She commented on how many 100-calorie snacks I had on my counter-tops. Ever since I began my diet back in February, I’ve become the queen of 100 calorie snacks. Love them! She happened to see my three boxes of the new Hostess 100 calorie Cup Cakes and decided to try to Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese filling variety. I really wasn’t paying too much attention because I was rooting around in my Lazy-Susan trying to find alcohol. (I recently received a recipe to make some sort of fancy ‘Crocodile’ mixed-drink that involved Midori, Lemon Juice, Vodka and Triple Sec) I thought it would be a fun way to kick off the season finale since we both like Midori.

As I was opening cabinets to find fancy glasses, Karen told me that the cupcakes really didn’t taste that good for 100 calories.

But as Karen popped the second cupcake in her mouth, I noticed a slight tinge to the frosting. I grabbed the package containing the last remaining cupcake and exclaimed, “Don’t eat anymore! It’s all moldy.” Karen pulled a face and we both ended up laughing so hard after she swallowed the last bite. I showed her the green fuzz and we both got appropriately grossed out.

But I was very surprised. Don’t Twinkies and the like last for decades? I would have assumed a Hostess cup cake would do the same, but then I realized the fuzz was all over the cream cheese frosting. I quickly inspected the other remaining varieties on my counter: chocolate cake with chocolate icing and golden cake with chocolate icing—both perfectly fine.

I’m not a person who is aware of expiration dates. A gallon of milk is really the only consumable in my fridge that catches my attention every day when I prepare my cup of morning coffee. I can’t tell you how many dozens of eggs or tubs of Cool Whip that have found a home in my trash months after their expiration date. I’ve also learned not to let myself get fooled into taking advantage of seemingly amazing sales for 20 cups of yogurt for five bucks because they too have expiration dates. Who knew? I thought those little tubs of yogurt had bacteria in them already-why would they expire?

Expiration dates are everywhere. Cans of Pepsi, bags of pre-packaged Dole salads and even medicines in your bathroom. The two moldy reduced calorie cupcakes Karen ate hopefully won’t make her too sick, but at least she was eating healthy.

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  1. Anonymous1:48 PM

    I also have tons of 100 calorie packs. I didn't realize Hostess made any tho, so I will check for them next time I go grocery shopping.

    I will also keep in mind the expiration dates! LOL! ;)

  2. Watch out for that yogurt when it expires. I have never been so sick as when I had a yogurt smoothie (made in a shop where the AC had gone out on the hottest day in August). It was awful. Yogurt gone bad is a baaaad thing. Also eggs I'd watch out for.
    Cathy (substituting for the voice of Shirley ;-)

  3. Only Kim could find DIET Hostess!!! Also, Karen is still gross, isn't she? Thought so!