Who would have ever thought that former Duran Duran band member Andy Taylor would have anything in common with the infamous Howard Hughes?

I'm a huge fan of Texas billionaire Howard Hughes. If Worcester Magazine caught me for their People on the Street section and asked me, "If you could have dinner with one person, who would it be?" I would answer without hesitation Howard Hughes. Not Jesus, Not John Lennon or Kurt Cobain. Just Howard.

I just have so many questions for him.

Have you perhaps seen the previews for the new Richard Gere movie The Hoax? The movie is based on a bogus biography written by Clifford Irving about Howard Hughes for the McGraw-Hill publishing house. These past two weeks have found me reading his book, The Hoax, which this movie is based upon.

The book overall wasn't too interesting until you get to the eventual unfolding of the plot to dupe McGraw-Hill. Things begin to start heating up nicely once Howard Hughes calls a press conference (via telephone) and states that he never met Clifford Irving.

By now you're probably still scratching your head wondering where the link is between between Andy Taylor and Howard Hughes. Get ready to have your world rocked: The author Clifford Irving, his wife Edith and his two sons called Ibiza their home for many years and it's where Clifford and Dick Suskind came up with the hoax for the Howard Hughes book. It's also where Andy Taylor is living now.

Now this might be stretching this whole Six-Degrees-of-Separation link, but having just discovered that Andy Taylor is now living in Ibiza and has a recording studio located there is kinda weird in my small little world of personal interests. Therefore my link between Howard Hughes and Andy Taylor has been firmly established, has it not?

You're right. It's a lame link between the two, but still a very personally strange coincidence for me. It's like Sour Skittles, balsamic vinegar, ice cream and tuna salad. Individually their delicious, but when combined don't make much sense.

But like Andy Taylor and Howard Hughes, they are some of my favorite things.

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