50 Cent Incensed!

I went to see Madagascar this past Friday at The Solomon Pond Mall with two friends. Aside from the brilliance of this animated feature, there was one teeny tiny snag before the movie. The cashier tried to rip me off by 50 cents.

The movie cost $9.50. He asked me if I wanted to donate a dollar to some cancer charity and I said politely, "No thank you." I pass under the plexi-glass window a $20 bill and he asks if I have 5o cents. I dig around into my wallet and pass him 50 cents figuring he wanted to just give me back an even $11.00. Instead, much to my confusion, he slides a die-cut cardboard star at me asking me to fill in my name like I just donated a buck to the cancer charity.

"What's this?" I ask him confused because I clearly said that I didn't want to donate. So he actually says to me, "Well, you already gave me 50 cents--for another 50 cents you can donate to charity" or some nonsense like that. What part of NO didn't this boy understand?! I looked up at him and said once again, "I want my change back. I don't want to donate anything." You can guess what happened next.The boy tightens his lips into a smirk like I'm the biggest asshole-bitchola he's ever met and can't believe I'm making a fuss over 50 cents. So he slides me back the $11 and moves on to my friend Stephanie who was waiting behind me.

And here's the funny thing. She said she didn't want to donate, but somehow got ripped off by 50 cents as well! I know the cashier can't be working on a commission, but what's up with that?It took me a good ten minutes to calm down from this incident.

I hate businesses who use their captive audience, which would be me the customer, to peddle for charitable donations. And when you say 'No thank you' inevitably you get nasty looks and attitude. In the case of Regal Cinemas, you would think they would donate a portion of the $9.50 ticket price to their selected charity instead of tryng to get me to donate extra money while I'm buying admission to an already overpriced movie. And don't get me started on the cost of a small popcorn, but I could get the bigger size if I just spent an extra twenty-five cents.

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