Day 1: Boston to San Diego

The driver that picked me up at the house was from Albania. He had a heavy accent and talked like a bad version of Arnold you-know-who, but he was super nice and very chatty for the length of our ride to Logan Airport. He gave me a fresh perspective of living in this country by explaining to me what it was like to get around living in Greece and Italy and how driving in and out of Boston doesn't phase him in the least. I was in good hands the whole way.

I flew Jet Blue and the check-in process couldn't have been easier. In fact, my traveling companion Tricia had also just arrived at the airport so I avoided the anxiety of trying to find her somewhere in the terminal. She was right there! We had burgers at Johny Rockets and proceeded to make our way to our gate. Quite coincidentally, her husband and son arrived from their trip out west just a few gates down from where we were situated so she got to say hello to them before our flight left.

As we were boarding, Jet Blue had two big boxes of headphones for the trip. The free ones and the extra special ones that you had to pay a buck extra to get--I passed since I brought my Bose QC3 noise-cancelling headphones for the flight.

I was lucky to get a window seat and even luckier that only the aisle seat was occupied leaving the middle seat thankfully empty. Coach on Jet Blue boasts the largest amount of leg room available in its class and I can attest that I was very comfortable the entire 5+ hour flight.

Now I'm about to start gushing about all the neat stuff Jet Blue had so bear with me because I may tend to go on and on about it.

First of all, there were little television screens built into the back of every seat so I got to flip through 36 cable channels with my own remote control which was built into the arm of the seat. I watched an episode of The Smurfs during take-off which was surreal and awesome all at the same time. They also offered XM satellite radio, but I wasn't interested in it since I brought my iPod.

There were 3 choices of in-flight movies each costing $5.00. If I had decided to watch one, all I needed to do was swipe my credit card into the seat in front of me and I would have been able to watch a premium movie that's not available on DVD yet.

Jet Blue also offered Dunkin Donuts coffee, wine, beer, cocktails, Coca-Cola products including Arizona Iced Tea and unlimited snacks. I only took advantage of a bag of Doritos and passed on the drinks because I didn't want to have to get up to use the bathroom.

Another very cool feature of the television was Channel 13 which allowed me to see a Google Map with a little jet blue icon showing me exactly what state we were flying over at any given time. It also listed the speed and altitude the plane was flying for a little extra information.

About half way through the flight, I looked out the window to see an amazing thunder and lightening storm happening in the distance. It was like watching fireworks during the Fourth of July. Surprisingly I was very detached from the whole experience and didn't let the bad weather freak me out.

We landed and got our luggage quite easily in San Diego. My boss Ron called Tricia to let her know that he was going to bed and asked if we minded getting a taxi to take us to the hotel. No problem. We simply exited the airport, got into a line across the street and the airport personnel directed us to the next available taxi. I have to say the taxi driver gave me a scare with his reckless driving and by the time I managed to figure out how to strap myself in with the seat belt, the worst was over and we were rolling into the Best Western Island Palms.

My room is very nice and it has Wi-Fi so I was able to email Spencer to let him know I made it here safe and sound. Tricia went to bed and everyone else is asleep so I can't really take advantage of this amazing evening view. My room is nestled just outside the marina and I could walk out my door right now and dip my toes in the water--that's how close I am to the harbor.

Tomorrow we're meeting for breakfast at 6:30am and then leaving at 7am to make our way to the border for our visit to Tijuana, Mexico.

It's 1:18am East Coast time and my night stand clock is reading 10:23pm so I better try to get some rest for my big day tomorrow.

'Night East Coast.

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  1. Anonymous11:50 AM

    WOW! You sold me on JetBlue! I'll def check them out for my next trip.