Day 2: San Diego to Tijuana, Mexico

The unfortunate thing about my travelling companions is they are both nuts about football. Well, one of 'em is insane and the other is incredibly enthusiastic. Tricia and I have been putting up with the sports talk the entire trip, but the one benefit for Tricia is she can follow along and insert intelligent comments into their conversation about players. Me? I simply sit there, smile and feel woefully inadequate. Now if they were talking about computers then it would be a different story. But last night we ate at Seau's which is owned by Junior Seau of The New England Patriots. The restaurant is located in San Diego, CA and you can see from the picture to the left that the place is entirely a sports orgasm. In looking at this picture, I didn't realize the premier seating area is in the shape of a football. But I ate a steak and was happy so it wasn't so bad going there to eat.

A shuttle picked us up at Bose to take us to Tijuana. First we had to stop at the immigration office where a Bose employee named Minerva helped us through getting our work visas. Then we took a van into Tijuana. The first thing you see, aside from everything written in Spanish, are all the 53' tractor trailers everywhere. Just lines and lines of trucks. There are lots of little carts on the sides of the streets selling chicken and taco products, too. We entered the gate for the Bose manufacturing plant and began our day of touring and learning.

We left at 5pm on the only scheduled shuttle that would take us back to the border. I'm told our driver took us on an unusual route because we actually were on these side streets that were nothing but dirt and pot holes. It was nearly impassable to my standards, but somehow the van slowly plugged along. I saw houses that can only be coined as shacks where the major building material was pallets and sheets of wood that made up the walls of some of these houses. Dogs could be seen standing on top of the roofs of the shacks and we passed many streets where stray dogs-primarily Pitt Bulls and mutts-lazily roamed the streets. Some were just lounging next to things looking bored and others were just walking around with the people on the streets. It was a real eye opener and I'll remember what I saw every time I whine to Spencer about wanting an Apple iMac. I live like a queen in the lap of luxury compared to the poor people living in Tijuana.

The return to the US through the border was interesting. My passport was scanned and I was asked if I had anything to declare. We walked a short distance to meet the shuttle again and returned back to Bose in Otay. As we were leaving to head back into San Diego, we saw lots of men on ATVs who apparently were border patrol officers. That was the weird thing about being in both San Diego and Tijuana. I saw battle ships in the water in San Diego along with the sound of jets in the sky. Tijuana had lots of helicopters patrolling overheard and from the conference room where we sat during the day, we found ourselves waiting to see parrot troopers being dropped from military helicopters for practice exercises.

We decided since we left TJ so late in the day to not drive to Yuma, Arizona because my boss didn't want to be driving into the mountains late at night. We returned to The Best Western Island Palms for a free cocktail (Bartender asked me if I was 21 which made my day!), warm chocolate chip cookies and then we were off to Seaus Restaurant.

We also experienced many interruptions in our cell phones due to the areas we were moving about in. No reception at the border(s) and near some military areas.

I was very tired about 3pm and felt it the rest of the day. I think the time difference is catching up with me. After dinner, we returned to our rooms and I went to bed at 10pm. I'm now about to get ready to begin Day 2 meeting my group in the lobby for breakfast at 7pm. Today we're heading to San Luis, Mexico and then driving to Yuma, Arizona to stay for the next two nights.

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  1. Anonymous8:37 PM

    I hope Mark was the insane one because your boss sounds soo nice to take you to all those interesting places and buy you dinner every night