Day 3: Yuma, AZ to San Luis, Mexico

I captured some amazing photographs of the sunrise across the harbor in San Diego and I'm itching to be home so I can upload them to Flickr. Today was eventful and to date the best day of my Southwest trip.

Unfortunately the Clarion Hotel where I'm staying for the next two nights boasts Wi-Fi, but it feels like 56k dial-up. I'm afraid to put many words to screen because I don't have alot of confidence that I'll actually be able to publish this post. So what I'd like to do is provide a little laundry-list of today's highlights and hopefully will be able to re-read them later and elaborate as a better Internet connection allows.

  • Stopping at a Kwik-E-Mart to buy water and seeing what appears to be a migrant restaurant worker outside picking blueberries off a bush in front of the restaurant and placing them gently in his home-made sac while talking on his cell phone. Josue later explained that it probably wasn't blueberries, but rather a very small chili pepper. I took several pictures for further investigation.
  • Stores in San Diego tend to run the gamut of vague to specific. For example: a book store named The Yellow Book Road vs. The Hearing Aid Store.
  • Highest elevation reached today was 4055 feet in the mountains heading towards Yuma, Arizona.
  • The rest area in said mountains is the perfect place to hawk The Watchtower. What better way to get a captive audience for religious propaganda than a tourist running to a toilet after having been in a mountain range for sixty miles?
  • The Golden Acorn Casino is located at 4000 feet elevation in the mountains on Route 8 East.
  • Border Patrol are everywhere!
  • Immigration official wished my boss a Merry Christmas. My immigration officer asked me where I was headed and I panicked like I had a brick of crack cocaine stuffed in my laptop bag and said, "Arizona?" like a 14-year old girl.
  • Mr. Boobies in San Luis is the only billboard I could understand in Mexico.
  • Is it wrong to tell your boss after having gulped your first Margarita with salt on the rim that you were thinking of capping off the night with a porno movie?
  • We had dinner at a place called Burgers and Beers. I was disappointed that they didn't sell the t-shirt our waitress was wearing which read, "KEG PATROL"
  • I saw a port-o-potty attached to the back of a school bus for the migrant workers. It even had a sink with faucets and a paper towel dispenser.
  • I didn't see Fields of Gold, but I did see Fields of Cotton.
  • Why is the YMCA next door to Coldstone Creamery and McDonald's? Isn't that some sort of zoning violation?
  • We went to McDonald's for lunch just before we crossed the border. I never ate chicken McNuggets and boiling hot french fries that fast in my life. The irony of having to throw out half the food so we could meet our ride on time wasn't lost on us as we looked around at our impoverished surroundings.

I'm getting nervous that everything I just typed will be lost so I'm ending it here. Tomorrow we're headed back to San Luis for a full day at the manufacturing plant. Aside from work related stuff, my goal tomorrow is to drink five rum and cokes with my boss using our free drink coupons.

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  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I am SO enjoying reading about this trip everyday! Can't wait to see your pics!