Got HBO?

I found myself the other night becoming very frustrated with the emails flying back and forth between myself and Fanfire Entertainment because I couldn't log into the Justin Timberlake Fan Club as a paid member to see a teaser video of exclusive footage from his upcoming Labor Day HBO special: 'FutureSexLoveShow'.

I ended up resolving the membership snafu by actually calling them at 10:30pm to finally get to the bottom of the problem because I just had to see this preview. After all, I paid $45 for this membership and I was determined to get the most bang for Spencer's buck.

It's embarrassing to confess I'm not a virginal tween, but rather a 17-year happily married 37-year old woman whose got it BAD for Justin Timberlake. I just love the boy.

Once I was able to log into the site, I finally was able to redeem a $30 coupon for two JT t-shirts and a pin. I was able to send a few sexyback emails to friends using my JT email address and finally able to watch the teaser video a few times.

So I ask you? Do you have HBO? Could you tape the special for me on Monday, September 3rd? I've spent too much money on the boy already and I can't bring myself to 'justify' calling Charter to order another premium channel. (It's not lost on me that this feels like the old days when HBO was showing a Mike Tyson fight and everyone would call to order HBO so they could see it and then cancel HBO the very next day.)

I know...I know...I chose poorly by getting Showtime under their package deal when I upgraded my digital pipeline service. I love David Duchovny, but let's face it-his new show Californication is crap.

I also am aware that shortly this special will be made available on DVD to buy. But what's extra special about this concert performed back in February at Madison Square Garden is it's the only performance with Adam Samberg and Justin reuniting to perform the song, "Dick In A Box" together on stage. That's One Night Only, my friends

Patience has never been a virtue of mine. Damn You Justin Timberlake! Your sexiness is vexing me this Labor Day weekend.

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  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Kimmy -

    This just in: "Justin is up for an Emmy award for his D*ck in a Box skit on SNL but Emmy Producers are asking him to change name of the song and he is not budging."

    Not sure if you knew this or not but I just had to share!