In Case It's Driving You Crazy

In case it's driving you crazy-Antonio Banderas is the voice of the Nasonex bee in all those commercials.

This is a good example of how I get around to figuring things out for myself every once in a while.

Those commercials are fantastic simply because of the voice. Everytime I see them I wonder to myself if Antonio Banderas did the voice of the bee because it sounds so distinct. I state outloud to Spencer as we're watching TV that it must be him and I'm going to look it up. Then things happen and I forget all about it.

Tonight I was flipping through the Fall TV Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly and on page 61 there's the print ad for Nasonex with the helpful little bee hovering over the bottle. 'That's it," I say again to myself, 'This time I'm looking it up." So I start typing Nasonex Bee and Google auto-fills the search for me which tells me I'm not the only one out there on the web curious about it. Several entries come back from my search and Yahoo! Answers confirms what I thought all along. Finally, I can move on.

But there are more bees swarming your way with the premiere of The Bee Movie on November 2nd. That one's easy. The bee is voiced by Jerry Seinfeld.

OK-I'm feeling lucky so I looked up who does the voice for the bee in those Honey Nut Cherrios commercials. Why, it's none other than Billy West. He's not so famous as Jerry and Antonio...but at least he's keeping good company.

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