Topical Small Talk

I was in Shaws supermarket standing behind an old geezer who was buying a few refrigerator staples such as Diet Moxie and ripened fruit. The Afro-American cashier was interesting looking as he sported tight braids around his head and a weirdly braided Mohawk design along the top of his crown along with an earring in his left ear.

"Think the Pats will win tomorrow?" asked the geezer to the cashier as he handed him a $100 bill.
"Huh?" asked the cashier looking like he heard what the man asked him the first time, but was annoyed to be pulled into some lame sports talk.
"The Pats. Think they'll win tomorrow?" persevered the geezer.
"I dunno. I don't watch football." replied the cashier.

It was an interesting exchange for me to watch primarily because in looking at how the cashier was dressed, he didn't seem like the type of kid who watched much sports. You can see where I'm going with this, can't you? I'm about to pander to the stereotype of this black youth hoping to rewrite a much more interesting scene.

I think if the old geezer asked this instead he would have gotten a rise out of the cashier:

"So, who do ya think won? Kanye or 50 Cent?" asks the geezer.
"Huh?" asked the cashier looking confused, yet interested.
"You know. September 11th. Who will sell the most CDs. Kanye or 50 Cent?" persists the man.
"Oh, I dunno. I guess Kanye?"
"Hmmm," muses the geezer. "I think Fifty's gonna pull it out."
When he gets no further response except being handed back his change from the startled cashier, he nods politely at him and as he walks away bellows out, "G-G-G-G-Unit!"

That's the way I want these crazy old white men to talk to cashiers at my Shaws supermarket.

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