You're Gonna Love My Carpet.

Big doings at the Perry household today. We finally got around to making the decision to replace our home's original carpet in the master bedroom.

Installing a carpet is noisy work. The sounds of ripping, cutting and hammering has resulted in finally seeing the actual bedroom floor boards. Alas, we don't have beautiful hardwood floors hidden under the carpet. Rather we have a floor that looks like planks of wood and I marvel that this wood has been supporting my family for 37 years. There's a lot of my history in this bedroom floor.

My grandfather built this house back in 1969. He and his wife Rose were the first occupants of the bedroom and he was the one who laid the carpet that is now being replaced. He died in that very same bedroom in 1978 of prostate cancer.

Later my mother and father took over the bedroom after the death of my grandmother Rose. As my mother's mental illness progressed, she began to stay up throughout the night leaving my dad to sleep alone in the bedroom with their two dogs Brandy and Sid.

Sadly the carpet paid the price of territorial disagreements between these two dogs and each of them played a role in destroying sections of the carpet with their urine. My parents lack of training the dogs resulted in a ruined, smelly carpet. My mother decided that the best way to handle the urine stains was to nail throw rugs over the pee stains to hide their messes.

After my father died suddenly in 1998 of a massive heart attack, Spencer and I moved back to my childhood home to look after my mother who was getting progressively worse. My mother moved into one of the smaller bedrooms and we took over the master bedroom. The room needed a lot of work as the smell of dog urine had settled into the rug. We used a Bissell carpet cleaner to suck out the stink from the rug as best we could and got the room in livable condition although the last thing I ever wanted to do was have anyone see the bedroom carpet. The history of the bedroom had become embarrassing.

All that is about to change today and I couldn't be happier. We are about to have a beautiful bedroom carpet installed and I'll be able to sink my toes into the plushness of its new fibers. We've done many costly home improvements to our home since 1998, but replacing our bedroom carpet is one of the most meaningful.

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