Acupuncher: Punch Your Bunion into Submission!

I am a regular reader of The Bunion Relief blog and I recently posted a response to a question posed about satisfaction with bunion surgery. I happened to visit the blog tonight to see what others had posted about their own surgery experiences and came across an interesting post from a guy who invented The Bunion Buster. Essentially he's promoting his method of "Acupuncher" which involves a device he's invented with what appears to be a rubber ball at the end of a stick that you use to punch your bunions into submission.

Here is his post:

There is a 100% natural way to cure bunions But NO one wants to know about it..I know Because I cured Mine... If I could Find Someone ANYONE to try My Method the world would Know as well.. But I have been Spitting into the wind for so Long I guess Know One WILL EVER KNOW! Using Acupressue and Relexology is The way But It a Certain Kind Of Acupressure... AcuPUNCHER... Thats Right You have to Punch That bunion into Submission... I am So Tired Of Spinning My Wheels To Let everyone Everyone thinks its about the money... Well For Podiatrist it is about The Money... For Me Its about The Recognition! Which it seems I will NEVER HAVE because No one wants to try a 100% natural method...

I visited his website, read the pitch about his Bunion Busting System and downloaded the video. I consider myself open minded and I simply cannot understand how building up a tolerance to slamming a hard rubber ball against a bunion will eventually push the bone back into its natural position.

I noticed his website has less than 50 hits and it's no wonder since his message lacks a certain marketing finesse. In describing his product he insults anyone who is considering surgery or has ever had surgery by saying the surgery, " a REALLY DUMB thing to do to your feet."

He wants 10 people to send him $40 (plus $10 for shipping) for the bunion busting system and in return over a six week period the user is supposed to send photos of their progress in return for a portion of their $40 back: 2-3 weeks ($10 back), 3-4 weeks ($10 back) and finally 5-6 weeks ($10 back). Or send him a picture of not having a bunion anymore and he'll send back $40. It seems you're sending him $50 and he's returning to you $30 for a nice profit of $20 per participant. But the overall purpose would be a patent since, "YOU CAN'T PATENT A PRODUCT THAT YOU’VE ALREADY SOLD!"

So if you have a bunion and also happen to be a sadomasochist, the Bunion Buster just might be the solution for you.

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  1. Anonymous4:49 PM

    hi, i've no idea if that guy actually did cure bunions with acupressure or not, and if he did i don't think his product had anything to do with it, you can do it just with acupressure. it doesn't involve beating the bunion with a stick, although if things were that simple it'd probably be easier, but its to do with the spleen meridian, i dont know if you're actually interested, but if you are email me and i'l try to explain to the best of my ability.. [email protected]

  2. You People seem to think That this Guy says He "BEAT THEM BACK IN"!!! If you will go to and Just Watch The Videos, He is Constantly Telling You His Method Uses ACUPUNCTURE POINTS to reduce INFLAMMATION of the Muscles and Tendons and The BURSA of the Joints To Cure Bunions That are "JUST BEGINNING TO FORM"!
    Learn To READ.... I am Sure you will find it an Accelerating Experience...
    In Any Case Their Are Super Easy To Build...
    And To Boot an Acupuncher WORKS to relieve all kinds of joint and muscle pain...
    The Web site is Very well laid out with links to all kinds of Charts and reviews of Reflexology
    With by the way is the primary use of the ACUPUNCHER...

  3. A bunion or hallux valgus Surgery in india is a swelling on the inner border of the foot affecting the base of big toe.