The Hunt for Red in October

I have been getting a little ahead of myself this month buying pomegranates at the local supermarket only to discover upon slicing them in half that they are not fully developed.

At $2.29 each, this experiment in flavor was starting to get a little expensive so I promised myself that I wasn't going to be tempted into buying another fruit until I saw a particular brand of Pomegranate called, "Pom Wonderful"

I've gone a whole week without eating a pomegranate and I'm happy to report tonight marked a turning point. Stop & Shop in Westboro had a small box of Pomegranates. I was sifting through a few trying to decide if I was going to break my promise because I was just desperate to have one when I turned over a rather succulent looking one to discover it was labeled with the Pom Wonderful sticker. I nearly yelped--I was just that excited.

As I was lovingly selecting four of the best looking globes of joy, a man and his daughter wandered past me. I happened to overhear their conversation because it was about Pomegranates. The little girl was asking her father if she'd like a Pomegranate and the father replied, "I don't know, honey. I guess you'll have to try one." She looked at me and then decided to move on to the oranges. Good. I doubt I would have given her the chance until my greed was satisfied. I wasn't budging for anyone.

This is my season. Don't mess with a woman obsessed over fresh delicious pomegranates. I've waited too long and now it my time. Today marks Peak Season for me because now I know the Pom Wonderful brand is in the stores. Soon I'll look forward to seeing a huge cardboard box in the produce section emblazoned with the words "Pom Wonderful" and the price will start to come down a bit. Pomegranates will start being advertised with the approaching Thanksgiving holiday.

I guess I should feel guilty that I even considered doing a linebacker move on an eight year old over a Pomegranate, but the hunt is on and this is war.

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  1. Next time I see you show me your best "linebacker move" will you? I can't believe you would do that to a kid.