iPod Death Clock

I own 3 iPods and 1 Microsoft Zune. I really had wanted to buy the new iPod Touch until I discovered through some online research that the Safari web browser doesn't have any support for Adobe Flash.

I decided to hold onto my money for a while since I can't live without high impact rich web content. Believe it or not, it was the deal breaker.

But the workhorse of my little MP3 family is my fourth-generation Hewlett Packard 60 GB iPod Photo bought in late 2004 and quickly dropped from the Apple line-up on 7/29/05 after HP severed ties with Apple. Grrrreat. I spent nearly $400 bucks on the largest capacity iPod available at the time and it went belly-up before I could even load it up with photos and songs.

So when I came across this website called The iPod Deathclock which tells you the life expectancy of any Ipod, I was intrigued to see how long my little white buddy had left.

I snatched it from my Bose Sound Dock and entered the serial number on the website. I answered a few quick questions about if I've ever gotten it wet, how I use the iPod and how long I play it on any given day. The result? I've got 352 days left and my battery is at 46% capacity.


Or maybe it's not so bad. This death sentence might be just the thing I need to justify another purchase and by the time it's dead and buried, maybe the iTouch will have received an upgrade and be able to support Adobe Flash. That would be nice.

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  1. The promise of the death of another Apple product gladdens my heart this day!