My Love Leaf

My friend and co-worker Jillian reminded me of my LOVE LEAF that I had pinned to one of my cubicle walls and I wanted to blog about the story quickly so I don't forget about it. Basically it's just a story about how thoughtful my husband Spencer can be.

One night we were taking our beagle Minnie for a walk around the neighborhood (aka 'the round') when I happened to notice this beautiful leaf filled with vibrant colors sitting in a pile of leaves. I commented on it and placed this particular leaf on the stone wall in our drive way so I could remember to take it inside when we got back from our walk.

Of course I completely forgot all about and maybe a day later Spencer found it and put it on our kitchen table for me. He's always doing things like that and I didn't think too much about it. I thanked him and brought it into work the next day so I could put it on the wall of my cubicle more as a testament to the changing season and to remind me of the beauty of Autumn in New England.

Jillian happened to stop by my cube and asked why I had a leaf pinned to the wall. So I told her the story and as usual she said how perfectly matched Spencer and I were and how we're "...just so damned cute together." Somehow the phrase "Love Leaf" was born, but I don't remember if I said it or she did. But regardless, the Love Leaf was born.

Over time the leaf lost it's moisture and became crinkly. At one point it fell from the cubicle wall and landed on the floor. I nearly rolled over it with the casters of my office chair! In picking it up, it pretty much crumbled in my hands and I threw it away in the waste basket.

By then the story of my 'Love Leaf' had spread throughout my group of co-workers and the death of it was big news... for about five minutes.

But the thoughtfullness of my husband remains and that's all the really matters. Pretty leaves will come and go with the seasons, but forever constant is the love of my husband and all the little things he does for me every day.

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