Pimp My Pumpkin

I love it when people 'get' me. For the most part, I'm in my own little world and I enjoy the company. I sound like one of those fashionable ironic t-shirts, don't I?

About two weeks ago, I came into the office to find a little box left on my desk (see photo). Receiving anonymous presents on my desk first thing on a Monday can't be a bad thing, but who else aside from me at the office would be so delighted to pimp out a pumpkin?

This is the cutest little kit. I love the paint brush and the feather for the pimp hat. I haven't done anything with it yet since all I have on my desk to pimp is a very small gourd that is in the shape of a pumpkin, but it needs to be rounder to demonstrate the full impact of pimpness.

I'm working on it. Thank you Cindy! You get me.

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