Shrek's Sweet Tooth

Big Ups to Tootsie Roll Industries for creating a new seasonal favorite for me: Caramel Apple Sugar Babies.

I saw these in the grocery store last weekend and tossed them in my shopping cart simply as a joke. (As a rule, I am totally disgusted by the concept of a caramel apple anything related to candy and merely bought them for the shock factor.) My candy shelf in my office displays a wide assortment of sweets including the following eclectic mix: a bag of Emerald Butter Toffee Glazed Walnuts, a half-opened package of ‘24’ themed Jolt energy gum, miniature bricks of Pez, leftover Crème Savers, pieces of Double Bubble gum, a few Atomic fire balls and some Pumpkin Peeps.

Sue was the first to crack the box open. She mouthed a hearty “Mmmmm” after dumping a few out in her palm and eating them. I can’t lie-I was disappointed in her reaction. I expected her to commiserate with me about how gross they tasted, but she really liked them. After she returned to her cube, I kept eyeing the bright neon green box out of the corner of my eye. I tried to resist their siren call of “Try Me! Eat me!” through several phone calls and one particularly challenging email and then I caved in to temptation.

Caramel Apple Sugar Babies are shaped like regular Sugar Babies except the coating is neon green instead of caramel covered. I liken them to Shrek’s teeth-sort of bean-shaped and misshapen with hints of brown peeking through the enamel. Yes, I have a vivid imagination.

Most importantly, these were super fresh. My own teeth sailed through the first bites sinking into the caramel while my tongue danced in the surprise of its sour attributes. My eyes widened in surprise. I actually liked them. I continued to pop more of them into my mouth and chew on the sugary sweetness delighting in this newly found prize.

Eventually Sue and I pounded through the box and we didn’t have any more to eat. I was saddened until it occurred to me that all was not lost-I could simply buy more! Upon this realization, I emailed Spencer requesting six more boxes should he happen across them in the store. I was on such a sugar high that I couldn't remember if I bought these at Target, Wal-Mart or Stop & Shop. But the most important thing is the request was entered and I knew he’d come through for me.

A day later I had six boxes neatly placed on our kitchen table. He found them at Stop & Shop. Hooray.

I don’t know how long these Caramel Apple Sugar Babies will be available in the stores, but I highly recommend you buy yourself a box to try them out. Don’t be like me and pooh-pooh flavors such as green apple, banana or orange because you don’t think they’ll taste good. Be adventurous and try something you would never expect to like because you might end up like me – addicted to a candy that resembles Shek’s teeth.

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