Shhh! I'm Talking During the Movie.

We Talk During Movies is an interesting new concept that I heard about from the Hacking Netflix blog.

If you have a computer and a Netflix account, you might want to reserve some time this Sunday at 3:30pm CST to participate in their maiden voyage.

Speed has been selected as their first movie. The idea is you sign into your Netflix account (or your own DVD) and click on the Watch Instantly tab to launch the movie. (Hint: It's the second tab to your left when you have logged into Netflix.) A little chat box opens up at the top of the screen and you can chat with other viewers while watching the movie or you can actually talk to others using your telephone, Skype or a free service from

I think this is a great idea for social networking with fellow movie lovers-especially if you get excitable watching a movie you love and want to point out interesting things or favorite scenes. I'm going to try it out tomorrow.

But if for some reason I'm not able to join in on the fun, the site offers a Podcast to catch what you might have missed. Also, users can recommend future movies to watch which is pretty cool, too.

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