Star Trek Urn and Casket

I remember what it was like going to the place where I picked out my parent's marker for their grave. It got me thinking about my own death. The man helping me thought it was a little odd that I asked if they could engrave a smiley face on the marker. I guess death isn't so happy to most people.

But my intention was to find an icon that represented me and I love the smiley face. Since I plan on being cremated (note to Spencer), I don't have a need to buy a coffin. However, a nice urn would be a considerable keepsake on his mantle after I'm gone.

Which brings me to tell you about Eternal Image. Founded in 2002, it is the only company to offer licensed brand imaged funerary products. It is a company that manufactures "Products That Reflect A Life Well Lived" and offer caskets and urns branded for Precious Moments , MLB for the baseball fan and my personal favorite Star Trek. They even offer elaborate urn solutions to house the ashes of your dog or cat having partnered with the Cat Fanciers Association and The American Kennel Club.

Does all this finery seem a little weird and strange? Don't worry-they also have an Official Vatican Library Collection which is much more refined and sedate.

I am fascinated with the business of death. These products speak to me. I signed myself up for the mailing list and can't wait to see what they think of next.

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