Stop The Nose Abuse

We are getting lazier by the minute and electronic gadgets are going to end up doing everything for us. (We'll just ignore the blaring fact that some motivated person has to invent these amazing devices for me to mock, OK?)
Check out the SensorFreshQ meat smeller.

Running on two AA batteries, you simply point the device at your funky smelling meat or poultry and it tells you after about a minute if you should eat the meat. It does this by sampling the air around the meat and somehow detecting gas caused by flesh-eating (kidding!) bacteria. The results of this electronic sniff are in the form of a Red, Yellow or Green light.

Red: Take your life in your own hands
Yellow: Probably can get away with a nibble or two for the next day
Green: Gorge yourself on meat until your heart bursts

Retails for $89.99 and is available for purchase at among other stores.

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