Suck Like The Wind

I own a Dyson Root 6 that I must confess was purchase because of it's bright bold orange color and it was the only reasonably priced Dyson product that fit my household cleaning budget.

My Root 6 has incredible suction and cost about $150 at Target. The sexiness of it wore off after about the third time using it because the battery charge is so poor. I basically can suction up dirt on my stairs and then it dies. It's very annoying having to recharge the unit. Let's face it: Once I hit a cleaning momentum of climbing stairs and sucking dirt, the last thing I want to do is stop, dock the vacuum in its charger and wait 45 minutes for more juice. I revert back to my lazy nature, open the fridge and start eating pre-packaged cheese to pass the time.

But I simply cannot overlook an even sexier looking hand held Dyson vacuum. It's called The Wind and it's a collaboration between fashion designer Issey Miyake and James Dyson which premiered during Paris Fashion Week. (Seems stupid to have runway models rocking a purple vacuum, but crazier appendages have been sported on the catwalk, right?)

Dyson is dedicating this next version DC16 handheld cleaner to Issey Miyake and will be available for purchase on the Dyson website in November.

I'd recommend this Dyson handheld if you want something better than a Black & Decker Dust Buster and can live with only using it for short intervals. After that--hide the cheese.

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