It's anarchy in the UK People! Back in 2001, the clever folks over at GrayMatter invented a cereal bowl for the 70% of us who prefer to eat our cereal crunchy instead of soggy.

So I ask you: do you like it hard or soft?

The photo to the left is a sliced open version of their cereal bowl that has a built in shelf that allows the majority of the milk to be secluded from the cereal. (Never fear-the shelf is removable and you can go back to your old way of cereal eating very easily)

I saw this and immediately wanted to buy one. It costs about $4.50 Euro bucks and I think after the conversion to US currency it will be about $6.00 plus shipping. I tried to place my order, but got hung up with the HSBC secure e-payment because I didn't know the issue date and number of my credit card. However, I tried again and simply ignored this requested information and was able to order the bowl.

So until my EATMECRUNCHY bowl arrives, I'll have to make do eating my Pirates of the Caribbean cereal the old fashion way. But knowing that my favorite cereal is "...a chocolaty, crunchy, sweet breakfast cereal..." I think buying this cereal bowl was a very smart choice indeed.

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