My co-worker Sharon arrived in Florida this morning with all her family for a week-long trip to Disney World. Yesterday she entrusted her son Dylan's fish JackJack to Tricia who also works with us.

When she brought JackJack into the office on Thursday, we saw her at a distance walking very slowly towards us. We immediately thought the worse. Did her back go out just a day before her trip? Was she OK? Turns out she was walking slowly because she was cradling JackJack's fish bowl while balancing her purse, laptop bag and lunch trying to be careful not to spill the contents of his home all over the carpeting.

First we oooh'd and ahhh'd over just having a living thing in the office. His presence was an oddity over at Tricia's desk when typically we'd visit her to ask a SAP question or get a handful of M&M's. Now we found ourselves just visiting to see if JackJack was alive. The damn fish barely moved.

I found myself pressing my face right up to the fish bowl to see if he was still breathing. I'd see his little cheek fins moving this way and that and breathe a sigh of relief. JackJack Lives!

His subtle presence got me thinking what it would be like if we could bring our pets to work with us. My beagle Minnie would make a good cubicle companion. I imagine after a while, she'd settle herself down underneath my desk adjacent to my blue paper recycle bin and snore away the afternoon.

We're forbidden to eat at our desks and are only allowed water. (It really isn't a prison. I swear it's not!) Taking Minnie to work with me every day might not be such a bad thing because she'd probably lose some weight. Then again, I've been working at Bose for two years now in these strict no-food-only-water conditions and it hasn't done me any good.

I imagine having Minnie by my side would really help reduce my stress level-especially during this time of the year. Some emergency would come up and rather than taking shallow breaths or swearing, I could just lean down and stroke her tan backside. She'd make those snuff and huff sounds of disturbance because I was waking her from her deep sleep. I'd counter by moving over to her velvety ears fondling them in an manner most annoying to her until she shifted her position to indicate she was waiting to be left alone. By then I would be calm and ready to tackle the next problem. Need a product allocated and I only have three left to give? Back to Minnie gently rolling her over on her back to pet her fuzzy belly until my panic passed.

Pets at work could make sense. Just having JackJack around is proof that it works. Today something happened that I didn't want to deal with at the time and my first reaction was to wonder how JackJack was doing?

He's been left to fend for himself over the weekend. Hopefully he'll be warm and the cleaning people with their manic feather dusters won't bother him too much. We're all just hoping that he survives the week with us until Sharon returns on December 10th.

I foresee JackJack surviving his little stay with the five of us and leaving a hole in our hearts after he's gone. What will we do when there's no more of the JackJack death watch?

I'm thinking Sea Monkeys...

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  1. That is an idea whose time has come. And Mr Winston thinks so too!